About Us

Divi Sacramento Meetup was officially started by Rosalinda in October 2019, and is an Official Divi Meetup group within the Elegant Themes Meetup network. Initially, we met once a month, then switched to twice a month as the demand for more Q&A meetings grew, and because there are so many possible topics to discuss.

Like most groups, we started meeting online at the start of the pandemic, and we currently continue to use this format. It allows people from not only the Northern California region, but also from all over the U.S., and around the world, to attend. We love the energy and perspective everyone brings!

About Rosalinda

I started using Divi in 2015, not long after I began my career in web design at Marketing by Design, in Sacramento.

In 2019, I made it my mission to connect with other local Divi users, so I started the Divi Sacramento Meetup through Elegant Themes. I love cultivating a Divi community where everyone learns – our members regularly share valuable knowledge and insight on a variety of topics during every meeting!

While my primary work involves building clients’ websites and providing other web support, I also offer one-on-one support for Divi newbies who need a bit of help navigating the Divi theme. And when I’m not doing Divi things, you’ll find me cooking, nerding over pop-culture, and being an obsessed dog mom to a little chiweenie named Dobby.

Photo by Gerry McIntyre Photography

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About Elizabeth

I joined as the co-host of Divi Sacramento in February, 2021. I’ve owned Cow and Rooster, a web design and marketing company for just over 6 years.

Small businesses and solopreneurs are my main focus, but I also work with NonProfits and larger organizations. I’ve focused on using Divi almost since the beginning. I love how quick and easy it is to use out of the box, but also very easy to customize as needed. The community is amazing and supportive too.

I’m a certified StoryBrand Guide, Mailchimp Partner, and Google Analytics & Adwords certified.

Elizabeth Hahn